What Causes Belly Fat in Women?

What Causes Belly Fat in Women?

Why is it that women tend to be more conscious of belly fat than men? First, women’s bodies naturally accumulate more fat and less muscle mass than men’s bodies. So all things being equal, women have more fat and less meat to cover it up. Second, the idea of a slim, trim figure is more strongly applied to the “fairer sex,” making belly fat an even greater concern.

If you’ve been noticing an increasing amount of unhealthy mass in your lower torso, and you want to get rid of it, then you may want to take some time to consider first the things that may be contributing to your belly fat.


Whether you’re a busy mom or a career woman, chances are good that you experience more stress every day than is good for your heart or your figure. It is a commonly known fact that many of us tend to resort to comfort eating to relieve stress, which will obviously lead to more belly fat. But stress does more than this. When your body experiences stress, it releases cortisol and insulin. Cortisol induces hunger pangs and affects how your body processes fat, while insulin can cause sugar cravings.
By cutting down on stress, you can avoid bingeing and fat-storing in your body.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits can refer to both eating unhealthy, fatty foods, and having eating behaviors that encourage the accumulation of belly fat.

Regularly eating foods with high sugar and fat content (like the kind you find in fast-food chains) will definitely contribute to belly fat. If you’re not careful about what makes its way into your stomach, don’t be surprised when you find yourself with too much belly fat!

In addition to what you eat, it’s also good to think about how you eat. It’s possible that you’re eating healthy foods, but in servings that are too big for your metabolism to keep up with. Also, eating smaller but more frequent meals has been found to encourage faster metabolism and discourage binging.

Slowing metabolism

It may be that the increase in your belly fat is a result of a slower metabolism brought about by age. This is an unavoidable consequence of aging, but if recognizing the problem will help you take extra measures to counteract its effects.

Decreased physical activity

Regular physical activity promotes a faster metabolism and the burning of fats. Adding to or improving your exercise routine will keep you from gaining more belly fat, and may even help you reduce it.


It is possible that your genes allow your body to burn less fat than the average person. Or perhaps you’ve inherited an “apple” build, which means that you tend to store fat in your torso (“pear” types accumulate fat in their hips).

Hormonal changes

Finally, excess belly fat may result from hormonal changes brought about by menopause. Again, this is unavoidable, and it’s probably not worth undergoing hormone replacement therapy just to get rid of a trimmer middle. Smaller, more manageable adjustments to your lifestyle may