Smokey Eye Makeup, Smokey eye look…step by step

Smokey Eye Makeup, Smokey eye look…step by step

 Smokey eyes are dramatic, daring, and bold, and they’re excellent for everything from an evening bent on a big day. Even higher, with a touch observe, anyone will realize this versatile look. Any color is often wont to produce a smokey eye, though you may like a minimum of three reminders an analogous hue. whereas black and grey are, common choices for smokey eyes, you’ll be able to use brown tones, otherwise, you will get artistic with purples, greens, blues, or the other color you like!

Smokey eye look, where did smokey eyes come from?

The dark, smeared eye makeup will notice its roots in Egyptian culture. Egyptians incorporated cosmetics into their everyday lives. Victimization war paint and powders from crushed mineral stones, they lined their eyes to each beautify themselves and bar eye infections and evil spirits.

In pop culture, it had been Elizabeth Taylor’s picture look from the film female monarch (dark blue make-up with daring black eyeliner) that place smokey eye makeup on the map. Different silver screen stars, like Fonda in Barbarella, Olivia Newton-John in Grease and Michelle Pfeiffer in attendant Returns created it a necessary part of their on-screen characters.



In later years, the likes of Beyonce, Keira Knightley, and Jennifer Lopez would persist to being glorious for his or her gorgeous signature smokey eyes.

You are going to need

• Primer
• Concealer
• Black Eyeshadow
• Black liner
• Mascara
• Eyeshadow brushes

How to Apply Black Smokey Eye Makeup?

Step 1: You should always start with a clean base. Applying a primer allows the makeup to stay longer and makes it easier to blend the eyeshadows. Use a concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids to even out any discoloration.

Step 2: Pack on black eyeshadow to the outer corner and into the crease.
Step 3: Blend out the eyeshadow, so there are not any harsh lines.
Step 4: if you feel that, it needs more intensity you can pack on more color (colorful smokey eye).
Step 5: Apply a gel or pencil liner as close as you can to the lashline.
Step 6: Smudge it out and blend it with the existing black eye shadow.
Step 7: If you want to create an intense look, you can even take the eyeliner in the crease and deepen it. Make sure to blend it out well.
Step 8: Take the liner under the eyes.
Step 9: Smudge it out to create the smokey effect.
Step 10: It is time for the final changes. Apply your favorite volumizing mascara and you are good to go!
The black smokey is a classic and is perfect for a night out at the club!
three things to know before starting your smokey eye, the key is to always keep the darkest point at the lash line. It keeps the makeup really modern and fresh and ensures you are drawing more attention to the eye vs. the makeup.
Keep it simple! Stick to no more than three shadows and a liner to pop your eyes.

The blend is your friend. Brushes are super important to get that blend. When it comes to a smokey eye, it doesn’t matter how dark you go, or what colors you use, it’s how well you can blend the liner and shadow up into skin tone. That is what gives it that sultry look.


 Using loose powders offers you the most effective mixing ability that is critical for making a good smokey eye. However, loose powder tends to own plenty of “fallout,” which means the powder might dip onto your cheeks and face. Make certain to comb off any errant powder before heading out the door.

Consider applying beneath eye concealer and setting powder before you start, since this the dark look might intensify dark circles.
If you would like a pointy edge on the surface of your eye, use some tape to create a stencil and gently peel it away once you are finished.